Tantular History

It began with a dream and obsession of the founder to self-develop and manage the business that liaises to continuously updated method of combining the honest, knowledge, responsibility, correct and trusted job technique by implementing an improved standard operational of all organization element, Tantular was established on January 19, 1998 through the Company Article No. 105 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

The company services were dominated by Pest, Rodent and Termite Control at the beginning of its establishment, covering East Java area particularly in Malang, Gresik, Surabaya, and Probolinggo. Having experienced with fumigation Know How, legal and competency resources, especially on tobacco field, the company start providing fumigation services both for maintenance and Pre-Shipment Treatment purposes since 2001. The major customer is the Tobacco Industry, such as Multinational White Cigarette Companies as well as the tobacco exporter. Since then the fumigation business start expanding to coupe all commodity type for both local and export treatment services e.g. coffee, cacao, rice, etc.

A customer focus and the commitment has lead the company to continuously improve and reach the customer satisfaction by keep updating company resources on the knowledge and technique from national and international organization of Indonesia government (NPPO), an internal & external training and update research held by CORESTA Sub-Group Pest and Sanitation Management in Stored Tobacco through the International Infestation Control Conferences in 2003 (Malaysia), 2008 (Thailand), 2010 (Kunming China) and recently in 2011 (Cape Town, South Africa) and 2013 (Surabaya, Indonesia) whereas PT Tantular is one of the local support of the Coresta ICC demonstration on Fumigation (complete report as enclosed on the Coresta Insect Free Post 5th Edition April 2013).

Furthermore on the customer focus, we have been establishing the other control method that is pesticide free and provided for the specific product that cannot be treated with insecticide/pesticide treatment in controlling the pest infestation. In partnership cooperation with EcO2 Vietnam (the worldwide company as provider of CA technology corporate office based in Netherland) we have on progress of developing the mobile Controlled Atmosphere Treatment, CA EcO2 nearby Surabaya sea port for export and imported commodities into Indonesia upon the approval of CA by EcO2 Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Agricultural Agency for Agricultural Quarantine, on 1st November 2012 following to our CA EcO2 short training and introduction to our Indonesia Plant Quarantine Agency in October 2011 and March 2012 both in Jakarta and Malang respectively. Throughout this new control method we could help all customers to have other problem solving on infestation control and the more optional treatment for their commodity acceptance into the access of the worldwide trade market on the other hand we also contribute to the government campaign both on Export Acceleration and Green Campaign Program.