Social Responsibility Program

Rumah Belajar Suropati

Rumah Belajar Suropati is one of PT Tantular Social Responsibility Programme, located in Suropati, Bululawang Kab Malang, provided for all kids and teenagers who are interested in English and Arabic for supporting their education skill and ability. This social program has been established since April 2015. The children and teenagers have been improving their skills and enthusiasm for learning the English and Arabic.

Thank God and all Customers who have indirectly contribute to the progress of kids and students education as the youth generation in the village surrounding company domicile. Having capability in Arabic and English means that they reach a wider knowledge on their informal education that give them a value to complete their need as the youth generation with a competitive resource. This program is an indirect effort in supporting the Indonesia government programs of the Accomplishment of 9-Years Compulsory Education.

School Fee Assistance

The company has a Scholarship Program specific for all employee's children who have satisfactory achievement in their school. It is awarded for the Elementary until senior high school students.

The main objective is to encourage and financially assist the student in achieving higher level educational performance, hence, in the future could contribute to the development of young generation with higher capability on the knowledge and Information Technology.

An annual review of student report done by the Company Internal Committee and the appointed student selected officially through the company announcement.

The student participant level is taken from the elementary school, junior school, and senior high school. For years 2015 and 2016 there were 8 (eight) each, selected students, as the winner of the student report competition within the review.