Service Innovation

Cost Saving Initiative

Back Up of Manual Gas Concentration Reading Equipment (Drager & Kitagawa Brand )

Back up/substitution equipment for gas concentration monitoring which have lower price than Drager trade name.

As an anticipation and response plan of the high fluctuation and instability of material prices during National economic regulation change, the company has offered to all customers the opportunity to reduce the cost of material supply on Infestation Control by having the other specification of gas monitoring equipment that still within the CORESTA recommendation.

The new material specification is Kitagawa Brand. The new material covers the Pump Kit and the gas monitoring tube, used during gas concentration monitoring from the first gas exposure until the TLV figure at the end of aeration process.

The material continuous supply has been confirmed by the manufacturer and distributor as unlimited supply to Indonesia since middle of year 2007.



Electronic/Digital Equipment for Gas Concentration Measurement

In addition to the continued business program on the imported material supply, the company has been provided the fumigator with the digital/electronic equipment for Phosphine gas concentration monitoring.

The equipment name is Drager X-AM 7000 and X-AM 5600, as well as Pac 7000 ex Germany.

The tool can substitute the conventional Draeger or Kitagawa pump and gas concentration tube when the material is the problem of its delivery. The other consideration is the company project related to the campaign of reducing tubes residue for the purpose of Environment Health and Safety aspect.

There are two types of measurement : (1) Drager X-AM 7000/5600 for measuring gas cocentration inside of the commodity and (2) Drager Pac 7000 for measuring the Threshold Limit Value (TLV) /gas leakages, of air space or building surrounding fumigation enclosure during the fumigation process.





Phosphine Tolerance Test

On July 2007, the company in cooperation with Detia Degesch Germany has imported the new Test Kit for the insect (Lacioderma Serricorne).

The kit is designed to check the resistance of the tobacco beetle to the Phosphine fumigation. By having the analysis of the test result, fumigator will then could decide the correct dosage, duration and other technical recommendation to overcome the crucial problem on the beetle resistance engineering issues. This material is firstly imported to Indonesia by the company on the effort of implementing the Infestation Control research and analysis.

Even thought, the company recommendation so far could satisfy & overcome the Infestation Control problem, this Test Kit will help both parties (customer & the company) on having an early indication on Phosphine resistance through the accurate test on this insect (the tobacco beetle/Lacioderma Serricorne) specially particularly the imported commodity.



Controlled Atmosphere ( CA- ECO2) Treatment

Realizing that not all commodity type and specific form can be treated with fumigation, by developing the partnership cooperation with EcO2 Vietnam (the worldwide company as provider of CA technology corporate office based in Netherland) we have provided all customers that cannot use fumigation as infestation control with the new technology of friendly and insecticide free treatment called as Controlled Atmosphere (CA) EcO2. The treatment method is controlling the ambient atmosphere which can eradicate the pest without using pesticide or insecticide.

This method is an effort of the company to provide a treatment which is substitution and or optional treatment of current fumigation as well as the services that boost the green campaign program.