Our Equipment

Drager Pac 7000 (PH3)

Phosphine Gas Leakage detector

Measuring range 0 – 20.00 ppm

Resolution 0.01 ppm

Default alarm by request

Response time 10 second

Full Mask/Full Face Respirator

Full Mask (with appropriate filter) used for touching with gas concentration below 15ppm

Filter/Canister A2B2

Used together with Full Mask Respirator, for Phosphine (PH3) gas personal protection for gas concentration below 15ppm.

Drager Gas Detection Tube and Drager Accuro Pump Kit

Operating Range 50-1000 ppm and 0.01 - 1 ppm.Used together with Drager Accuro Pump Kit.

The 0.01 - 1 ppm tubes are suitable for leak detection and monitoring clearance of fumigation

Kitagawa Gas Aspirating Pump & Gas Detection Tubes

Operating Range 20-1400 ppm (gas concentration under fumigation) 0.05 - 2.0 ppm (for measuring the commodity TLV at the completion of fumigation).

Riken Keiki Type FI-21

Digital multi gas detection equipment for fumigation.

Operating range 0-1000ppm

Completed with data logger for electronic.

Uniphos 250 (PM)

Digital gas detection equipment for fumigation.

Operating Range 0-2000 ppm

Drager X-AM 7000

Digital gas detection equipment for fumigation

Operating range 0-1000 ppm

The equipment complete with the data logger & gas vision software the electronic/soft copy data base through the computer

Drager X-Am 5600

Operating Range 0-2000 ppm


SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) must be used when the gas concentration is above 15ppm and or during the emergency response to gas leakage which is unknown gas concentration.