Fumigation Treatment

As of the best chemical treatment method for infestation control is fumigation, our experts always create innovations to boost and assure the effectiveness result of the treatment without negative impact on to the fumigated commodity.

Choosing the recommended and affordable fumigant that has been nationally endorsed, Competency certificates of the expert and operator achieved by Tantular staffs as well, is the determination of high level and credible fumigation performance as well as the reflection of our concern and commitment to the customer and environment.

These endorsement certificates achieved issued by the Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Health Department, Manpower and OSHA, and other appropriate national registration.

Our worldwide customers mostly the leading of the tobacco industry, cocoa, coffee beans, corn seed and other post-harvest grain have been developing the integrated pest management with PT. Tantular as the Pest Control Company since 2001.

The treatment method of Fumigation is Container and Under Sheet Stacked fumigation both available for Quarantine Pre-Shipment Treatment/export purpose (as a standard requirement for issuing the Phytosanitary certificate from National Plant Protection/Quarantine) and commodity maintenance during its storage.

Our fumigation treatment certificates have been accepted and endorsed mostly by importing countries such as Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East as we performed the services with high level of safety and security consideration. Countries that have been accepted our treatment certificate as described on our Export Performance Destination.